Introducing Saucecode Hackathon 2019


Do you have the SAUCE it takes to be our 2019 Saucecode Hackathon Champion?

Spread the word, SAUCECODE HACKATHON 2019 is coming!!! Details to be announced soon!

#OpenSauce #TheNewTribe #Anticipate

Have you registered for the hackathon? No, head over to
If you have registered, please follow these steps to get to the next round.

  1. Form your team as you would like for the hackathon. Your team should consist of at least 2 persons and not more than four persons.
  2. All members of each team must create an account on
  3. Your team can be made up of designers, developers, project managers etc.
  4. You are to start building your prototype as soon as your team is formed.
  5. Upon ending of registration, all teams are expected to build their prototype in one month.
  6. At the end of this one month, all teams who have not submitted their prototype eill be disqualified.